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Where roads end, senses take over.

Next to the end of the river Sexan opposite the rapids lies this unique wilderness village, as primitive or exclusive as you wish.

Here you live in log cabins with room for up to four people. Crawling under the covers to a crackling stove, in the middle of nowhere - it's a lovely feeling.

Wake up to the chirping of birds, cook coffee over an open fire, take a trip in a canoe in the magical river Sexan, where you might be lucky enough to meet Mr. Beaver.

Cook your own dinner in the main house's kitchen, hire a chef or choose to have the food catered by us.


Set the table on the long table and feel like Vikings in another time.


The cottages

7 log cabins with 4 beds in each are ready for adventure.


Prepared or not, you choose.


You take care of the heat with your own stove, firewood can be collected from the firewood shed and you are free to grab the ax to chop more.

Privy is near the cottages.

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The large cottage

Like in the old days...

Dinner in front of the fireplace in the company of good friends.

Cooking over an open fire, pizza in a wood oven,

hire a chef or cater prepared food. Nothing is right or wrong. 

Set the long table and feel like Vikings in another time.


Sauna Hot tub Kayaks

In the wood-burning sauna, there is plenty of space for changing and washing with water from the waterfall. No traditional shower here not…

Hot tubs with a view of the rapids, kayaking on Sexan


Good to know


There is no electricity in Salixbyn, but there is a solar panel that provides enough to be able to charge mobile/pc/tablet for those who really need...


Is there plenty in the river, for dishes and laundry. We make sure that drinking water is available for you.


The cottages have their own small stoves and firewood is available on site. The large cabin has a fireplace and gas heater as an option if needed.

Equipment Large Cottage

Long table with space for up to 18 people (comfortable).

Gas stove/oven, gas grill, crockery, plates, glass, houseware etc. cleaning items, simpler first aid kit, board games

Equipment Sauna

Wood and axe, buckets for washing

Equipment The cottages

The cottages have their own small stoves and firewood is available on site. Mattress + mattress cover, duvet, pillow, bed linen as an option.


There are 2 privy, one by the cabins and one by the main cabin, toilet paper and washcloths are available here

Prices 2023

When you book Salixbyn, the following is included for the first day:

Large cottage + Sauna +  Canoes + 1 cabin for 4 people.   

Price day 1(incl. 1 cabin 1-4 people)


Price day 1 / extra cabin


Prices day 2-6 / cottage




Hot tub

SEK 1,500/hot tub/day

Bed linnen

SEK 200/ set (bed set & towel) 


Large cottage + Sauna 1200:-

Cabin 500:-


You can order breakfast packages, lunch and dinner via us, contact us and we will come up with suggestions

Pictures from Salixbyn

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