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Life in stillness.

Welcome to Scandinavian Escape, accommodation in magical places in Lillhärdal.

Where the roads end.

Not many have found their way here, thank goodness. Here everything is still, untouched and adorably beautiful. That is why we have chosen to establish Scandinavian Escape right here. Our accommodations are for those who want to experience the peace and nature far from the big city. 

Where the roads end, the senses take over. 



Beyond the tourist-dense ski resorts, in a corner of Härjedalen awaits this unique little village. 

A village with a rich cultural life, fine fishing waters and an exciting history. Fun activities for villagers and visitors, young and old.

For everyone who longs for peace and quiet but desires great adventures and untouched nature.

It is here, in Lillhärdal. Welcome here to experience, live - preferably forever.

We fell in love with the village
– and stayed there.

We fell in love with Lillhärdal and stayed.

A lifestyle change that means more life in life.

Our goal is for more people to discover what this fantastic village and its surroundings have to offer.

Whether it's for a short visit, for a period of life or maybe forever...

We run Scandinavian Escape with Salixbyn, Sea escape, accommodation in Lillhärdal village and Mobacka service house with safe accommodation for the elderly. 

Welcome  to Lillhärdal!

Malin & Pelle 

Previous guests with us

Many thanks for a great day, what a place. Exactly the kind of thing I myself thought I would drive at some point in my life.

Lotta, conference guest, Salixbyn

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